Practical Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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  2. June 22, 2012 9:47 am

Practical Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms – love them or hate them they just never seem to have enough room! These practical design ideas are certain to get those creative juices flowing.

A little creativity can turn even the smallest bedrooms into an attractive and practical space. Want bigger pictures? Simply click for larger images.

Taking inspiration from the orient this bedroom features a dark wooden loft bed with under bed seating and plenty of storage space, the plain wood highlights and lime green back wall add to the allure.

Simple yet stylish, elegant but not flashy. A light carpet coupled with the dark blue walls make a truly beautiful bedroom design that is perfect for small spaces.

A great mix of green and white create a contemporary bedroom that makes the most use of space. Vertically striped walls coupled with hardwood floors give this green room a great vibe.

A small bedroom design idea that would be great for the kids (boy or girl). The cabin bed has built in storage whilst the compact shelving is perfect for books and other nick knacks.

A sleek contemporary bedroom which boasts a bed that hides away in a wardrobe – how’s that for space saving ingenuity. The back wall also boasts plenty other storage cupboards and drawers.

The ambient lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere whilst the drapes round the bed are an elegant addition that take up no extra space. Simple designs are often the best and this one doesn’t disappoint.

This design has students dorms written all over it (although it looks a damn sight better than mine ever did!) The built-in bed features multiple storage drawers and it even has a mini-desk for all that coursework!

Got your little girl complaining that she is in the small room? Give her a bedroom like the one above and I’m sure the complaints will stop. Boasting shelving, a storage bed and ample desk space it’s a real beauty.

It’s a really small bedroom but it takes nothing away from elegance of it. A blend of oranges and white inject some colour whilst the handy under & over-bed storage is sure to come in useful.

Any little girl is certain to love this pink minimalist bedroom design. The sheer amount of storage should mean she never has an excuse for it being messy (who am I kidding!)

The whole purple wall is covered in multiple storage options from shelving to wardrobes and even an L-shaped desk. The bed is small but it also offers the perfect window seat for throughout the day.

Siblings sharing a small room? No problem as this red and white design makes the most use of every piece of space. The bunk style beds have plenty of built in storage and even a guest bed which is perfect for sleepovers.

I have a cupboard that is bigger than this tiny bedroom but it sure doesn’t store as much or look as great. The twin raised beds offer a modern solution and that under-bed space is put to good use with a workspace on one side and wardrobe on the other.

Who would have thought you could fit a bedroom in such a small space, it doesn’t even take up the full wall! Minimalism at it’s best – the bed folds out when it’s needed and away when it’s not.

Beautifully and tastefully done up the Colours spark a peaceful air to the surrounding area. Colours don’t over power the room at all.

Colours and lighting bring a peaceful look to the room in a way that makes one wish to fall asleep there to stay.

Peaceful looking and Colours pop out. Place for studying and sleep, also a place to have friends without feeling any embarrassment what so ever.

Colours stand out against the lighting making this peaceful looking bedroom look as peaceful as it could be exciting. Studying in this room would be easy.

The floor shines and makes the beautiful Colours of the room pop out and shine as well. Looks amazing in the lighting that is there.

A beautiful bedroom that combines the comforts of childhood as they head on into the teen years. Lighting creates a feel of peacefulness.

Colours pop out at you making this room look as though it’s bigger than what it really is – the nifty space saving ideas are also useful. Could sit in here for hours.

Very beautiful and classically done up. Makes one think of tranquil nights and peaceful mornings. Colours stand out and make it as though you can lay there for hours and think.

Natural tones and simple styling details make this room an elegant beauty whilst not cramming to much into it.

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Got a small bedroom design you would like to share? Show us in the comments.

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