Black Leather 2 Seat Sofa

  • Black Leather 2 Seat Sofa

    Luxuriate and revel in the extreme comfort that emanates from the Carmen 2 seater sofa in black leather. Create an additional seating area in any room that evokes both bliss and splendour.

    June 24, 2012 10:22 pm,2981 Views

    This contemporary, leather sofa is perfect for seating two persons. The armless design gives it a notable appearance, while the soft leather tempers the futuristic appearance and allows a person to relax in comfort, whether waiting in an office or enjoying a movie at home. Designed to fit two persons, each cushion curves gradually downward, cradling the body. This Black Leather 2 Seat Sofa contrasts with short metal legs at the front, appealing toward contemporary styles while remaining timelessly comfortable.

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