Inspirational & Idyllic Garden Water Features

  1. Homer
  2. May 30, 2012 9:35 pm

Inspirational & Idyllic Garden Water Features

Peaceful, tranquil, idyllic are just some of the words I would use to describe these inspirational gardens and water features.

From the cool contemporary look to the more traditional, here are some of the finest gardens and water features we have seen. Pics to small? Simply click the images for a larger view.

A large central pond surrounded by dark wooden decking, the best bit? The bridge in the middle, fauna to finish.

Sleek curves, light colours, fast flowing water and contemporary lighting make this outdoor space come alive.

The covered and open plan seating area gives way to a falling cliff of water into a lower level pool.

It’s snowing here which makes this outstanding steel water wall even more beautiful the chipped path complements.

A traditional back brick wall & the correct lighting with plenty of fauna ensure the water isn’t the only feature.

A truly inspiring garden, the large water feature stretches out over waterfalls. Nice wooden stairs too.

Who wouldn’t like a hidden nook with a water feature and bench like this, perfect for reading throughout the day.

A stylish modern oval shaped water feature boasting drips and falls with large shoots of green grass.

A lovely wooden decked back garden with multiple ponds and pools that flow into each other, simply blissful.

Modern and simple, the traditional brick wall is covered in glass with water flowing over, a place to relax.

A beautifully yet paved garden with a small canal and square for a simple yet effective water feature.

Some would say this is the classic garden water feature, large old stones, plenty of grass and water of course.

Common outside large public building or in parks, not so common in gardens. A classic large circular fountain.

Proving water features need not be complicated this simple and tranquil garden looks all the better for it.

What is your dream garden? Tell us in the comments below.

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