Fun & Functional Furniture That Transforms

  1. Homer
  2. May 21, 2012 6:44 pm

Fun & Functional Furniture That Transforms

Furniture that transforms and does multiple duties, Michael Bay eat your heart out.

Now onto the furniture, in a few words – “Space saving functionality with a wow factor”

From the extraordinary sofas that turn into bunk beds to the rather ordinary but still lovely, oven that turns into a chair. Simply click for larger images or scroll to the bottom to view the video.

A normal looking sofa that can easily be transformed into a set of bunk beds.

Simple but useful, a coffee table that transforms into a bed.

Small room? No worries, here is a working stove that turns into a chair!

A space saving bookcase and a bed, how’s that for double duty!

OK it doesn’t transform but this bookcase/rocking chair is so cool!

A table that turns into, (hold onto your hats!).. Another kind of table.

This nifty chair turns into a coffee table and workstation that’s perfect for laptops.

How quaint an oven that folds out into a chair, loving the upholstery.

A simple wood chair that can also be folded into a room screen.

This drab 70’s style sofa actually turns into a snooker/pool table!

A multi functional & modern chair that can be transformed into a table.

The Matroshka, 4 stools, a table, sofa, bed & even some additional storage space.

A bedroom that packs away into a tiny box! Click to watch the video.

This separating wall transforms into a set of lime green bunk beds.

Some would say this furniture has more talent than the people who starred in the movie “Transformers”.

I know what I would rather spend my money on. Just don’t expect it to save the planet from invading aliens.

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What kind of transforming furniture would you like to see?

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