Considering a Coastal Home with a Sea View?

  1. Homer
  2. May 17, 2012 6:31 pm

Considering a Coastal Home with a Sea View?

The legendary US investor Warren Buffet once said “invest in land because they’re
not going to make anymore of it”. He was certainly correct, in fact each year the earth loses land due to coastal erosion.

You may have heard of it, maybe not, but you may just want to put that coastal home with a sea view on hold till you have finished this page.

What is Coastal Erosion?

Pictures of Coastal Erosion from Around the World

The Story of Hall Sands : A Tale Corruption & Coastal Erosion

Once a thriving, lavish fishing village, today Hall sands lies under the ocean’s waves. During a giant storm in January of 1917, the village of Hall sands was buried under water as it collapsed into the sea. The entire village was destroyed, along with the livelihoods of its residents.

The blame for Hall sands’ tragic fate has been placed upon the greed of modern man. Without the knowledge of its residents, shingle was taken away at regular intervals from the coast of Hall sands in order to extend the naval dockyard at Keyham, a project that was undertaken by one of the country’s most lucrative companies, Sir John Jackson Limited.

The sad story of Hall sands’ end is a testament to the consequences of man’s greed. In interfering with Mother Nature, the coast of Hall sands was made even more vulnerable to coastal erosion. Eventually, the coastline was weakened so severely that even if the storm that knocked the village into the sea had not arrived, the end result would have inevitably come along anyway.

Today, the only thing that remains of Hall sands is the ruins of its chapel, which resides on top of the cliff where Hall sands used to stand.

Do you live near the coast or have a story about coastal erosion? Let us know in the comments below.

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