Modern Blue Bathroom Designs & Ideas

  1. Homer
  2. June 5, 2012 11:49 am

Modern Blue Bathroom Designs & Ideas

Modern, blue and beautifully designed. 19 stunning contemporary designs & inspirations for those who want a blue, turquoise or aqua in the bathroom.

In need of inspiration for a bathroom remodel or redesign? Want it in blue? Then take a peak at these contemporary blue bathroom designs in pictures!. Want bigger/clearer pictures? Just click to view better images.

A variety of blue and turquoise tiles coupled with sleek modern fittings give this bathroom a clean contemporary look.

The deep blue walls mixed with splashes of white give this bathroom the feel of the ocean and who doesn’t love a huge walk in shower!

Taking inspiration from Italian style design this bathroom boasts contrasting white fittings that set off the blue.

Deep blue square tiling off set with white grouting give this bathroom a checked look whilst the crisp white fittings and modern lighting finish off the look.

Using the blue as a contrast against the white works well in this contemporary bathroom.

Another mostly white bathroom that is offset with a sleek modern blue tub, it’s sexy curves and inviting head rest just make you want to jump in.

So you like to relax in the bath? Then this tropical nature inspired bathroom uses blue lighting to set the mood and fauna to make you feel like your bathing in a rainforest.

Two opposing dark blue walls make you focus on the middle of this contemporary inspired bathroom.

A walk in shower room that is tiled with deep blue, it’s so inviting I would never want to leave.

Everything from the oval shaped tub to the funky floral wall decorations make this futuristic bathroom one I wouldn’t mind having!

The secret to this bathroom is the pale blue mixed with plenty of natural light and crisp white fittings and finishes.

OK so blue isn’t the main colour here but this modern style room benefits from blue & turquoise highlights such as the curtains, it just makes the whole room come alive.

Yes this is a bathroom, it’s not one of those weird mind picture puzzles. Using a smattering of geometric shapes and a touch of blue helps create this wild looking bathroom.

The bathroom is for bathing and there isn’t much to this one besides the gorgeous shaded tiling – oh and lets not forget about that giant square bathtub.

A modern design bathroom with a country/classic twist. Natural lighting and a pale blue give it a clean and bright atmosphere whilst the country style chair and finishes give it a little rustic country charm.

Great use of a small space, the eye catching tub is the centrepiece of this bathroom whilst the aqua green/blue walls contrast with the white.

Straight out of a swanky hotel this sweetly designed shower room is incorporated into the bedroom.

Need some inspiration for your bathroom remodel? Then this bathroom design idea incorporates natural blue lighting with white and yellow trimmings, sadly it’s only a design idea (not real!) – still a beauty though.

It just goes to show you that you need to go overboard to get a great looking blue bathroom. Featuring deep blue tiles coupled with lovely hardwood flooring ensures this bathroom will look great for years to come.

Like blue? Got any other modern bathroom design ideas to share? Then let us know in the comments below.

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