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When choosing between carpets and wooden floors you need to consider what kind of lifestyle you currently live. People with children or pets often find that wooden floors provide them with the greatest level of benefits. Cleanup is a breeze and you will never have to worry about getting a stain out of the carpet again.

When cleaning real wood furniture, the best type of polish to use is one that is based in lemon oil. The oil in the formula keeps the wood from drying out and provides the shine. The lemon cleans the wood, destroying any bacteria or build up that has occurred. Try to avoid aerosol based cleaners because of their water content.

Keeping in mind that kids grow up fast, keeping them as priority is very crucial. Floors do not need to shine and rugs can go a few weeks without being shook out. Making lists and being diligent about time management is crucial.

To get oil stains our of your clothes, you will need to treat them with washing detergent. Use your dish washing detergent from beside your kitchen sink to treat you clothes. Apply liberally, rub the material together, and then wash them in the warmest water possible.

There are several ways to remove hair dye from clothes, depending on the type of fabric. First, blot the stain with rubbing alcohol. For natural fabrics, treat the stain with turpentine, lighter fluid or mineral spirits. Treat synthetic fibres with hydrogen peroxide. If nothing else works, try soaking the garment in diluted all fabric bleach.

To effectively remove gum from your carpet or rug, start with a baggie full of ice. Place the ice on the spot of gum and let it sit until gum is frozen. When gum is frozen you can chip it away until removed. Any remaining gum can be cleaned away with a sponge and mild soap.

The best way to make clothes smell nice and natural is by getting a detergent with a fragrance. When these clothes are washed and soaked the detergent will take over. The clothes will begin to take on the smell of the detergent. A nice scented fabric softener should be used to complete the drying process.

In order to make an old t-shirt white as the day it was bought needs special care. That special care requires the correct mixture of laundry detergent and bleach in order to save the elasticity of the fabric.

The next time using the washing machine, use it exclusively for the t-shirts and set it for a regular wash cycle. Use hot water because it will dissolve the bleach and detergent so it won't affect the t-shirt material.

Start the washing machine cycle and when the laundry detergent has dissolved, add the bleach to the water. The water should be at least a quarter of the way up on the washing machine when adding the bleach.

Once the cycle is completed the t-shirt should be white and looking new once again.

To safely get rid of pen ink from fake leather, make a cleaning solution of warm water mixed with mild dish detergent. Clean the stained area first with a dry cloth to remove surface dust. Soak another clean cloth with the solution, wring out, and gently rub the ink stain until it fades completely, then wipe the leather surface dry.

Generally speaking, the only tools necessary to assemble prefabricated flack pack furniture are very basic. It never helps to have quality tools, and a couple extras for good measure. A small hammer, regular and Phillips head screwdrivers, a set of vice grips, and an adjustable wrench should always be able to get the job done.

The absolute quickest and cheapest way to clean an oven is to take out the racks and soak them in hot soapy water in the kitchen sink. Wait for the water to cool and then use a scrubbing brush to remove the debris.

This eliminates the need to use any chemical type cleansing agents that many people use on the racks themselves.

To remove tough grease stains on the inside of a pot or pan, fill item with water and add a quarter cup of white vinegar. Set mixture on the stove and simmer for about thirty minutes. Wash and wipe clean. If the grease stain or spot is on the outside, you can soak pan in the same mixture in the sink overnight. For a quicker remedy, try a little powder cleaner and very soft steel wool.

The best way to clean a mirror without leaving streaks behind is to use a homemade cleaning solution of one cup white vinegar mixed with one quart warm water. Use crumpled up pieces of yesterday's newspaper as your cleaning cloth. Dip it into your solution until damp, wipe this over the mirror in circular motions, then use dry newspaper to remove all moisture.

To get more storage space in a bedroom requires being efficient and organized. Since space is at a premium here the need to be clutter free is important. Make sure that all clothes needed for washing are in a designated clothes hamper of some kind.

Getting a dresser that is taller rather than wide conserves space as well. A taller dresser conserves space and actually ends up holding more clothing than its wider counterpart.

Children certainly do not need specially designed furniture. Children simply need the proper attention, and guidance to safely use furniture that is suited for adults. Toddlers of course have certain needs, but once a child is up and about, there is no good reason why the can't begin to adapt to common, standard furniture sizes.

The best way to remove lime scale in a toilet bowl is to soak the bowl in cleaner designed to remove lime, rust, and other hard minerals. Once you have brushed out the bowl, add a bleach- based automatic toilet bowl cleaner to your water. The bleach should help prevent the build up from occurring in the future.

Ants come into a home for a reason, to find food. Keep counters and floors squeaky clean. For a natural deterrent sprinkle cloves near where they are coming in or around the perimeter of the room they appear in. Do not forget the windowsills. If ants cannot find what they want they will go elsewhere.

To keep your windows clean and streak free, toss out the window cleaner and fill the empty spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar and water. Then save your old newspaper and crumple them up to use them instead of a cloth. You will be pleasantly surprised!

When cleaning windows from the outside, spray window panes with a water hose to loosen excess debris, wiping away dirt, grime, leaves, etc. Then, for cleaning window panes to a sparkling shine inside or out, simply use vinegar and water, and a clean, white, residue-free cloth or paper towel for a streak-free, squeaky clean shine.

The best way to clean your laminate flooring is to forget the broom. Use a small electric broom for loose debris. Then, toss out that old mop and invest in a lightweight steam mop. Use distilled water in the steamer and wipe away. No need for cleaners and your floor will not be too wet.

Bleach can safely be used on hardwood floors to clean mildew and other spot stains, but only if your cleaning mixture combines a small amount of bleach with clean water. Gently rub this solution on the stained area after the floor has been dry mopped to remove surface dirt, then use a dry cloth to mop up any excess moisture.

How often to hoover depends on whether you have pets or young children. With pets that tend to shed a lot, a daily hoovering is a good idea. The same goes for families that have small children who spend time crawling around on the carpet. Otherwise, twice a week is fine.

When dusting your home it is recommended that you start at the highest point and work your way down. This way as the dust falls down it will not be landing on an area that you have already cleaned. Save yourself a lot of time and energy and work from the top to the bottom and your home will be dust free in no time.

A simple paste made by mixing one teaspoon water with one tablespoon baking soda is the best and quickest way to get rid of ring marks on a coffee table left by glasses that sweat or hot cups. Gently massage this paste into the wood where the ring appears until the white marks are no longer noticeable.

Skirting boards are easily cleaned with a mild detergent and a moist cotton cloth. Make sure to rinse the soap residue off with plain water. A solution of vinegar and warm water will get rid of the more stubborn dirt. Regular dusting every few weeks with a feather duster will keep skirting boards cleaner longer.

Dining tables made of hard woods are best. Choose oak, maple or cherry for a table with both beauty and durability. If you care for the wood, these tables should last a lifetime.

To remove old wallpaper, use a hot water steamer over the old wallpaper and then use wide putty knives to remove the paper. If done right, the wallpaper can be pulled off in one long strip at a time and the knife is needed just to get it started.

If you will be going from a dark to a light colour, priming before you paint is necessary. You will also need to primer if painting over new wood or a rusted surface. By priming, you will have fewer coats of paint to apply.

Removing crayon from white walls is a simple task with a toothbrush and white toothpaste. First, moisten the area with a clean cloth. Then, using the toothbrush, scrub toothpaste on the crayon marks until they are gone. Reapply more toothpaste if necessary, and wipe the area clean with a damp cloth to remove excess toothpaste.

It is important to clean a paint roller immediately after use so that the paint does not dry onto the roller. First, hold the roller on the edge of the paint can and gently scrape off excess paint with a putty knife. Then rinse the remaining paint off the roller in a sink with water.

Painting a wall can be accomplished with a few easy steps. First, make sure the walls are clean. Apply painter

In the past, conservatories were large rooms in homes that were designated as music rooms. Today, a conservatory can be anything from a greenhouse, a sunroom, to an extra living room. They are generally an addition to new homes, and have plenty of windows to allow lots of light to filter into the room.

You can make a small house look larger by keeping it clutter free. Keep everything organized by having a place for everything and making sure you put it back when not in use. Buying a few containers such as baskets and shelves would be inexpensive.

When planning a kitchen remodel, it is important to finish the walls first, and then the cabinets. Flooring should be the last task. By refinishing the walls first, there is a fresh surface to install new cabinets. The flooring should be the last project because moving heavy cabinetry can damage or scratch new floors.

There two ways to effectively remove paint from wood. The first is to use a heat gun designed for stripping paint. The heat loosens the paint so it is easily removed. The second method is to use a gel paint remover that is applied to the paint and then peeled away with a paint scraper.

To choose paint colours for your home, start by looking at the rooms size. For smaller rooms, use a paint that is light in colour. Once you have a general idea of the paint you like, gather colour samples from your local paint store. Place the samples on your wall and see which on looks best.

To paint a lampshade, you want to use water based fabric paint. You can easily find this type of paint in hobby and craft stores. For best results use acrylic, water based paint specifically for fabrics.

If your flowers are dying after you plant them, you may have planted them into the bare ground without using quality potting soil. Be sure to water in the early morning hours to prevent evaporation and help your plants establish a deep root system. Healthy plants also need sunlight several hours a day as well as fertilizer about once every three weeks.

To eliminate bedroom odour, you will first need to locate the source of the smell. Once the source has been removed, change your bed sheets. You may also need to spray a high quality air freshener. For tough odours, use a disinfectant spray to kill bacteria that could be causing the smell.

Some effective tactics to defend yourself against burglary would be to always prepare your home as if someone is there. If you are leaving for hours at night, leave on some lights. At least one up front and one in the back. Make sure you share with family if you are going to be away so they can go in and out of the home for you and check the mail. This way you keep mail from piling up and the regular activity will throw off would be burglars.

Cleaning sofa cushions can be accomplished in a few easy steps. First, vacuum away dirt, crumbs and pet hair. Steam clean the cushions if the covers are not removable. Wash cushion covers in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. Clean the foam cushions in a bathtub with detergent, and set them out to dry.

To clean your sofa, mix a small amount of detergent with Luke warm water. Mix together until a nice foam forms. Dip a dry cloth into the mixture and begin washing the dirty areas of your couch. Allow the couch to try completely before sitting on.

Check the tag to make sure your leather furniture features top-coat protected leather. Mix a cleansing agent by blending a quart of distilled water with two tablespoons of mild dish detergent. Dip your rag into this mixture, squeeze out the excess water, then wipe down every area of the leather. Dry all areas thoroughly using a clean and dry rag.

There are several ways to remove water stains from wood. Apply mayonnaise to the stain for several hours to overnight. Wipe clean with a smooth cloth. A paste of baking soda and white toothpaste rubbed into the stain will remove it after a few treatments. Wipe with a damp cloth and rub with furniture polish.

To clean furniture with a veneer, wipe all dust off with a damp cloth. If the furniture is wood, diluted Murphy's oil soap can be used. Apply to one small area at a time, then dry with a lint free cloth. For plastic, use Windex and wipe dry with a lint free cloth immediately.

To get rid of old furniture fast, first check online to see if your area has a freecycle group. This group is a recycling group to keep as much out of our dumps as possible by sharing with others whom could put unwanted items to use in their own lives. The people who want the items arrange to pick up the items themselves, usually the very same day they reply. To find your freecycle group and a list of salvageable items, contact the freecycle main group online. For other sources to get rid of unwanted items, check with local resource centres, abuse centres, homeless shelters and any local Church or Government run organizations that have a need of household items.

To make your white furniture stand out, use paints that are darker in color. The colors red and turquoise can really make white furniture pop. Avoid using colors that are to light. Light colors will blend in with the white furniture.

If your kittens and cats are strictly inside animals, have their claws removed at the veterinarian. If your kittens and cats live outside as well as inside, have the claws trimmed but not removed. An outside cat will need claws to climb trees to escape danger, removing the claws will nullify that ability.

To clean your wood furniture, start by going over the area with a dry cloth. Once all loose dust has been removed, use a furnish polish to add shine to the area. If your wooden furniture has any scratches, use a polishing paste to fill in nicks.

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