26 Modern Style Living Rooms & Ideas in Pictures

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  2. May 18, 2012 11:18 am

26 Modern Style Living Rooms & Ideas in Pictures

Modern design at it’s finest, 26 beautiful living rooms for inspiration or ideas.

Need some inspiration for a living room remodel or redesign? Then take a look at some of these aesthetically pleasing contemporary style living rooms.

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A modern living room with urban architecture, stylized roof and aesthetically designed furniture.

A contemporary living room that utilizes sleek lines in its designs. Expansive windows provide natural light over the minimalist ic furniture.

This modern living room contrasts vibrant red hues with stark white. The many sleek surfaces create a truly futuristic look.

Modern white recliners are the epitome of comfort without looking dating. The entire family will enjoy this stylish living room.

Clean lines create a simply and contemporary living room, with furniture and shelving that appear to float from the floor.

Minimalism is present in this design. Angular, white furniture contrast with a few pops of color and unique, round decor.

The consumer who loves symmetry will be at home with this fireplace. Dual love seats and pictures surround the modern fireplace.

In shades of gray and purple, this living room seats many. Unique wall art provides a never-ending topic of conversation.

This living room offers comfortable seating for one and a focus on entertainment. Bookshelves and the television appear to float.

Black, white and chrome describe this modern living space. An unique rug mimics ink splatters to break up the white.

A large, round window and spiral staircase add character to this design, which features a wraparound sofa in monochromatic hues.

Contemporary, yet comfortable. This living room has plenty of seating and a gorgeous natural view. Black decor contrasts with white.

This living room feels chic and mod. Recessed lighting proves and patterned walls make this ideal for the artistic types.

A vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace inset give this living room the feeling of luxury, while mismatched furniture adds character.

Blue and orange motif throws back to another era. With room for television and an office, it’s perfect for everything.

Light seems to cascade over this black, white and beige living room, illuminating the straight lines of the modern design.

Perfect for any man, the black leather seating is both contemporary and chic. The art and rug provide interesting texture.

Delicate spheres and swirls add a feminine touch to this monochromatic room. It’s perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing alone.

Featuring turquoise and orange details, this living room is inspired by the ocean and offers a view of it, too.

The dark and gray colors here combine t provide class to this room with modern visual and audio technology.

This living room is perfect for any bachelor with its unique paneled floors, faux fireplace, recessed lighting and straight-lined furniture.

A cleverly-placed divider makes the best use of a large room. With the help of the rug, placement takes shape.

Ample seating makes a fantastic meeting or lounge area. One bright green wall contrasts with ultra-modern black and white furniture.

Rounded in every way, this design pays homage to below-deck compartments on a ship, without sacrificing light or necessary storage.

An open floor design uses minimalist design influences to provide seating, built-in shelving and an unobtrusive office area.

This open room concept incorporates natural light, brightly-colored accessories and multiple pieces of art for an eclectic but welcoming look.

Got any other modern living room pictures to share with us? Post them below.

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