12 Unusual Homes from Around the World

  1. Homer
  2. December 21, 2015 4:47 pm

12 Unusual Homes from Around the World

Your home is your castle, or so the old English saying goes…

I don’t know about castles but here are 12 weird homes from around the world.

1. Boeing 727 – Airplane Home

Location: Unknown
About: Not exactly an original idea as it has been done before here & here but I really do like the traditional wooden decor, you would never know you were inside a plane.

2. The Cube Houses

Location: Holland
About: Looking like a funky LSD trip this trippy street was designed by Piet Blom. There are 30 odd of them in total and they have become an attraction for tourists all over the world.

3. A Home of Dome

Location: USA
About: Someone obviously got tired of staring at the corners of their wall so decided to build a house without corners! They say dome homes have many advantages, i am yet to be convinced but it sure does look cool. The current owners rent it out as a vacation home, visit their site for more info.

5. Haines Shoe House

Location: USA
About: Everyone has heard the kids story about the old lady who lives a shoe. In 1948 Haines an enterprising young shoes salesman took it upon himself to build this rather mad looking home as a giant advertisement. Over the years it has served numerous purposes and was even at one point an ice cream parlour, currently it is a museum.

6. Top Gear Lego House

Location: Destroyed!
About: Top Gears James May built this beauty of a house from little tiny lego pieces (he had help of course). Sadly no-one would come forward and help him save it so they had to destroy the house.

7. The Nautilus House


Location: Mexico
The Nautilus House, in Mexico DF (Mexico), is a seashell-inspired abode built by designed by Senosiain Arquitectos for a couple.

8. That’s a Shell of a Home

Location: Japan
About: The Japanese love their weird looking things and when it comes to houses it’s no different. Set in the middle of a forest it benefits from a contemporary shape and modern design throughout.

9. Smallest House in the UK

Location: Wales
About: Officially the UK’s smallest house and a tourist attraction this tiny little home is just 1.8 meters wide, barely enough to swing a cat! It’s original purpose for fisherman’s dwellings, currently no-one resides in the small house.

10. Teapot Dome

Location: USA
About: This one doesn’t really count as a home as it’s a petrol station but being tea lovers we just couldn’t leave it out. Originally built to highlight the Tea Pot dome scandal involving the US federal government sadly it is no longer in operation as a gas station but many visit just to see it.

11. The Flat Stanely Home

Location: UK, London
About: Flat stanely would be right at home in this very skinny home. I had always heard London was overcrowded but whoever came up with this solution needs to go back to the drawing board.

12. The Toilet Bowl

Location: South Korea
About: They always said leave the best to last and this Toilet home which was launched in 2007 to mark the launch of the world toilet association (whatever did we do before they launched!). I must say it’s certainly unique but they must have been potty to build it, you can read more about it here.

Seen any weird houses? Send us your links and pictures of other odd ball houses using the comment form.

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