The Kitchen of the Future, Past & Present

  1. Homer
  2. May 14, 2012 12:39 pm

The Kitchen of the Future, Past & Present

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People have been talking about and demonstrating the so called “kitchen of the future” for decades now. The boffins have promised us everything from the robotic cook to a smart house that can read your brain chemistry to tell if you’re hung-over (serious!), they didn’t say if it could go back in time and stop you from saying that stupid thing to your boss at the Christmas party, but maybe one day.

I don’t know about the boffins but let’s see what history tell us, this is from the 1950’s

To see where we are going we must see where we are now…

It seems like every week there is a kitchen inspired app or gadget to be had, my cupboard is chock a block full of them, most barely used, they also take up so much space and are of no use that I find myself trying to give them away to other people (who also don’t want them!)

Although that is a little unfair as I do use quite a few on a daily basis and would be lost without some. My favourites are the microwave, bread maker, a toaster that also makes eggs and an instant hot water kettle by Tefal in addition to a coffee/cappuccino machine. Although not exactly high-tech, go back just 20 years and none of these things existed or simply were not feasible or affordable as consumer devices.

And now to peer into my crystal ball and see the future…

I’ve heard of concept cars but concept kitchens are new to me. These futuristic ideas come from competitions and top industry designers like IKEA, & LG. I don’t know if they resemble the future but some of the ideas and tech involved is very cool.

Food for Thought – The Not So Distant Future

The kitchen is for food and already we are seeing huge progression towards a connected world in food delivery. All the large supermarkets already deliver grocery orders placed on their website. Large kitchen appliance manufacturers like LG and Samsung already have internet connected devices on the market, like this smartphone controlled oven.

We are quite a bit away from the fridge logging into Tesco and ordering your weekly shop but if someone really wanted such a device today they could probably make one as the technology exists.

What would you like to see in the kitchen of the future?

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