28 Cool & Colourful Living Room Design Photos

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  2. June 7, 2012 2:23 pm

28 Cool & Colourful Living Room Design Photos

Life without colour would be dull so why live without it in your living room? Be daring, be bold and inject some colour into your living space.

On the hunt for some inspiration? Don’t know which colours to choose? Then these 28 cool and colourful living room design pictures will certainly ignite a few ideas. Want bigger images? Simply click to view the full size image.

It’s bold, vibrant & daring this gorgeous living room reminds me of Art Attack. Featuring a cream/red palette, modern shapes and paint smatters it’s not for the faint hearted.

A cool mix of colourful lanterns (plus disco ball!) make this room stand out. I really like the multi-colour sofa it may be of traditional style but I can’t see my granny loving it.

A beautiful curved white sofa combined with a circular orange seat define this room but a smattering of colourful additions makes it even better.

The perfect blend of white modern lighting, purple sofa, multi coloured rug and some green fauna make this contemporary living room come alive.

Beautifully coloured in red and white, this modern design is visually delightful as much as it is unique.

In this vibrant rainbow living room design, the white furniture is a canvas against which the unique wall mural shines.

The eyes are drawn to the modern orange, white and black canvas wall art. Whilst the orange and blue cushions combined with a cream sofa set it all off.

Ultra modern with blends of green, black and white. A beautifully patterned black/white rug but the focal point is the black sofa against the green walls.

Purple, pink or fuchsia call it what you want this living room design is not for the haters. A minimalist design takes takes nothing away from the eye catching furniture.

A modern design inspired by geometric shapes. White floors & table flow well into the lime green sofa and the red walls with white highlighting provide the backdrop.

Colourful sofa cushions make the brown leather corner sofa pop and the grassy green rug is a wonderful addition to this modern and open living room. Plenty of natural light is provided via the large balcony doors.

The combination of olive green furnishings and walls with vibrant orange cupboards and trimmings make this one for those who want something unique but colourful. Quirky green chairs and glass table give it a modern look.

If you want a lot of colour in your life then this stylish living room design deserves your attention. An awesome mix of pinks, oranges, blues & purples in the furnishings and accessories draw your eyes to the middle of the room featuring a modern blue glass table.

A classic living room design that is better for a dose of green. Vertical white pillars and built in bookcases split the green up whilst the upholstery matches the rest of the decor. The stunning curved and traditionally designed wood framed sofa just finishes it off.

Earthy tones and a splash of vibrant colouring in the accessories coupled with the natural lighting supplied by the sky light give this room a stunning look.

Light blue walls with green canvas art provide the perfect backdrop for the hardwood floors and comfy orange sofa set with a lovely brown rug to complete the room.

A modern design with neutral coloured walls and flooring, the stand out items in this room though are the stunning yellow furnishings featuring a deep buttoned style.

OK so this one isn’t the most colourful living room, it’s open and neutral, it would be really boring if not for the natural colour provided through the huge windows.

An ultra modern style living room boasting a large brown sofa and dashes of orange throughout. The backdrop of plain walls and contemporary lighting finish this inviting room.

Pinks, blues, yellows & greens – If you want colour this living room has it in abundance. The multi coloured chairs, shaggy carpet and floral patterns give it a “60’s” vibe.

Sometimes simplicity is best and here is a fine example of that. Orange walls with white highlights, hardwood floors and a comfy red corner sofa, very simple ultra stylish.

If modern design is your thing then this minimalist contemporary living room provides that and much more with it’s dash of red and clean lines, topped off with spherical lighting.

This simple, elegant living room uses bright contrasting colors to draw attention to the stylish lines of the furniture.

When you are looking to brighten up your living room, there are many bursts of colors that you can paint with.

This super modern living room with vibrant shades of red and yellow will complement any contemporary home.

This vibrant green living room brings to mind lush vegetation. The simple lines of the furniture add to its overall elegance!

This colorful living room isn’t afraid to mix it up! The vibrant mismatched patterns add a layer of complexity and playfulness.

The use of earth-tone colours enhances this very basic styled decor. The scattered use of pillows and lighting brings life to the room.

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What colour scheme do you have in your living room?.

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