Top Tips for Cleaning Carpets and Removing Stains

  1. Homer
  2. May 12, 2012 7:06 pm

Top Tips for Cleaning Carpets and Removing Stains

Carpets! Warmer than hardwood or laminate flooring, it’s a pity they are not as easy to clean. To keep your carpets clean you should vacuum regularly, remember to pick up the larger items before vacuuming. This will help prevent small debris turning into stains or marks.

Not all carpets are created equal, especially when it comes to cleaning them. Darker carpets can mask stains more easily although a keen eye will still spot them. Lighter carpets can be a nightmare and even small stains and marks can show up, avoid them entirely if you have children.

When trying to clean your carpet your first call should be for a camp cloth or sponge, blot from the outside of the stain to the middle. If this doesn’t work you can try a speciality carpet cleaner such as Vanish, these can be bought in all major supermarkets and the corner shop round the road probably sells them too (albeit it at a higher price).

Removing pet stains from carpets is simple. The best type of household cleaner to use is an enzymatic cleaner mixed with baking soda. Let this soak up on the carpet for a minute before soaking the mixture up with a paper towel. A deep cleaning vacuum may need to be used afterwards.

Still can’t get that stubborn stain from your carpet? Then you can always hire a professional carpet cleaner or machine, these industrial machines will leave your carpets looking brand new, just don’t look at the stuff that comes out, it’s enough even to make my house proud granny blush.

You can usually find carpet cleaners for hire at your local B&Q or DIY store, failing that a quick look in the yellow pages or search online will usually reveal a choice of professionals in your area.

If you still need help or have any solutions of your own please leave them in the comments below.

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