Wooden Sleigh Beds

  1. Homer
  2. May 14, 2012 12:53 am

Wooden Sleigh Beds

A resultant of solid oak wood and state of the art finish with ultra shiny finish. The bed provide a comfort to last all night for all in the family. The strength of the oak and splendid finish account for the wooden sleigh beds and long lasting quality.

For a luxurious beauty, the Aragon is a beautiful wooden sleigh bed at an affordable price. This exquisite and deep bed is made from a lush light wood with a hand rubbed finish for the ultimate luxury. With curved ends, this fabulous bed is the picture of elegance.

Equipped with solid hard wooden slats, this luxurious bed is highly comfortable and supportive, guaranteeing you a great nights sleep. At a great price, this luxurious bed is a necessity for any stylish individual.

The Versailles wooden sleigh bed is one of the star pieces of our French Oak Collection. The Versailles sleigh bed is made of solid oak and is structurally very strong. This design uses dovetail joints with solid oak paneling and the sleigh bed design causes the head and the foot board to bow out for the sleigh look. It will easily carry you away to dreamland.

This beautifully crafted sleigh bed comes at a very reasonable price. The bed frame is available in single, double, king and super king sized beds and rooms of matching furniture can be found to match. The furniture collection is assembled in the same strong construction and has been lacquered to show high gloss sheen.

Also available in: Single, Double & Kingsize frames, from our wooden sleeigh beds collection.

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